How I manage to always be prepared?

If you checked my last post, you’d see a slight thing of my control freak self trying to get out in the light.

Here you will see the true freak.

How am I always ready for anything that gets thrown at me from the so-called life.

I follow 2 rules only, and these are:

1- I know where my foot is stepping

First thing is first, I’m always aware to where I’m going and what I’ll be doing. In case of an emergency, I know where my exits are.

Imagine you’re going on a road trip. you need to know what route you’ll be taking. You know where you’re heading. And that the basic. In order for you to be truly prepared and fully aware of your steps, you’ll need to add to the list the gas stations on the road, the alternative routs and exits in your way, if there’s any constructions or traffic in certain areas. You see my point.

Those extra details don’t have to be time-consuming or stressful, but being aware of your environment is always key to being ready for any thing that pops up.

2- Set your guid lines

A set of guid lines, beliefs or moral codes. Use whatever name you want to use, but the concept is the same.

Having a rule book that you created to follow, saves you so much energy on dilemmas, it doesn’t eliminate them, but it does help you making a quick decision for any problem you’re prone to facing during your lifespan.

The content of the rule book will change as you grow up and change yourself, and that’s the purpose, it’s flexible, it’s not there to torture you or restrict you. it’s there to save time, just like an apple for lunch, a quick grab and go in desperate times and situations.


At the end of the day, some of us prefer to live on the activated adrenaline rush by the unknown, others may struggle, and others are already prepared and ready.

You live the way you see fit, but for minimum damage, at least don’t text and drive 😛


Reem xx

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