Oh My Gosh, I can’t believe this is happening!

Hi, this is Reem and Fatin!

We should explain ourselves first.

Reem is from Egypt.

Fatin is from Malaysia.

Our first encounters happened in the year 2011 at Abu Dhabi International Pvt. School in 9th Grade.

When we both met, we instantly clicked and as we spent the days in school together, we started to grow on each other and became best friends!

After 2 years in school together, like any other third culture kids go through, it’s time to move.

Fatin moved to France and Reem moved to Egypt…

We became long distance friends ever since!

Then the universe brought us both together as we shared the same dream. 🙌

We created Plan Z (zee) as the ultimate plan (because what are the 26 alphabets are for right?)

Plan Z is our dream to one day to be re-united and begin to do what we dream of doing.

We first created Plan Z as we go through high school and worrying about what’s the next step in life. We wanted to beat the system.


This first post is us taking our first stepping stones towards Plan Z.

Fatin lives for writing, travel, and music.

Reem has passion for the healthy lifestyle, the arts,

We both loves movies and tv shows (everyone loves a little bingeing) and also being weirdos 😛

xoxo? signing off?

Reem and Fatin